Beam Lite-240 With With Dimmable Ballast Philips Tubes Reflective Grid Studio And Location Lighting System With Tripod Stand

Brand: Battle Tested Film gear
Product Code: SKU488
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Price: $377.00

Videography, movie making ,interview shoots, documentary, wedding photography has gained a lot of traction in recent years and as a result, constant lighting is the key element to it. With this advancement Camtree has launched Beam Lite-240 for you. You will get absolutely crazy amount of power out of this light for your shots. Beam Lite-240 spot light goes beyond trend; itÂ’s an essence for you in dark places, when all other lights go out. Light in weight, easily portable with a high output and a low initial cost makes it a must have lighting kit for you. Take anywhere and everywhere. Make your video shots brighter than ever with our Beamlite! The BeamLite 240 is a lightweight, portable, soft light that produces a much bigger output than its 2 foot size suggests possible. With dimmer output capability from 100% to 10%, adjustable barn doors, low operating cost and a price point that is the envy of other suppliers, the 240 is proof positive that 'good things come in small packages. WHA

Energy saving low amperage draw. 220/240V & 110/120V availability.

Efficient low heat management. Philips tubes.

Flicker free and stable color temperature.

Instant on - quiet operation. 2 stage stand extends to 7 feet.

Our Quality Assurance Guarantee.

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