Proaim 100Mm Bowl Head Tripod Stand With Free Spreader For 100Mm Fluid Heads

Brand: Battle Tested Film gear
Product Code: SKU435
Reward Points: 200
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Price: $261.30

The PROAIM Two - Stage 100mm Tripod is an extremely stable platform with an incredible height range of 59". The legs incorporate recessed horizontal lock levers that are easily accessible for safe and secure height adjustment. 16mm disable aluminium tubes are very strong. An adjustable spreader has strong and flexible elastic clip - down device with tightening knobs, which is secured in seconds. These knobs are made up of high quality rubber with large diameter locking knobs to adjust the length of spreader according to the tripod's length. A tripod is also helpful in achieving precise framing of the image.

Strong Alluminum pipe legs, Sleek knob for tightening the telescopic extension, Strong and flexible Spreader, knobs are made up of high quality rubber, Solid and strong Locking knobs, Quality components in an efficient package.

Includes: 100mm bowl tripod stand. Spreader with tie down foot. Packing bag. 2 - Stage with quick action knobs for quick height adjustment Sections Alluminum legs. Non Slip rubber feet. Light weight and portable Adjustable floor spreader. Single action to fold up tripod Single action required to fold up. Tripod has solid and strong Locking knobs. The inbuilt bowl made from pressure die casting. It also has fine rubber grip at its base for better stability.

SPECIFICATIONS OF TRIPOD STAND: Max height: 59", Mini height: 27", Load capacity: 50 lbs, Weight: 5.90 lbs, Leg Lock Type: Locking Knobs.

SPECIFICATIONS OF SPREADER: Maximum length of spreader leg: 24 inches / 60.96cm, Minimum length of spreader leg: 14.5 inches / 36.83cm, Spreader collapsed height: 14.5inches / 37 cms, Weight of spreader: 1.64 / 3.6, Height of spreader: 1 inches / 2.54cm, Sleek knob for tightening the telescopic extension.

STORAGE CASE: Foam lined, custom fit, protective storage case with easy tote handles.

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