Proaim Follow Focus Ff-125

Brand: Battle Tested Film gear
Product Code: SKU438
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Price: $154.00

Rock solid engineered design, Non slip custom designed gear box, Precision - machined aluminum construction, 6pc gear ring set, 3D marking disc, High grade aluminium construction, Positional indicator Marking Disc indicator, FF125 Follow Focus, Gear Ring Set, Flexible Gear Ring, Speed Crank. Our PROAIM FF - 125 is a next generation follow focus incorporating superior design and new technologies that deliver an incredibly solid, accurate, highly repeatable follow focus. The included 6pc gear ring adapter set matches a variety of lens sizes, is easy to attach and ensures a slip - free grip on the focus wheel of your camera lens.PROAIM Follow Focus is ready for most demanding shots. Obtaining a Follow Focus with full assembly with such control, precision and accuracy at the most affordable price is a blazing revolution in the price trend.

Completely gear driven design for slip - free and accurate movement, Adjustable slide mounting mechanism to fit any lens diameter. Adjustable locking system Adjustable height of Follow Focus, Mounts Onto 15 mm Rod Support (60mm center to center difference). Allows extremely focusing lenses to be geared and used with follow focus industry standard 0.8 module. Gear Arm adjustable distance: 55 mm, Adjustable Height distance: 40mm, Gear Dia: 48mm, Construction (Follow Focus: Aluminum Black Anodized). Fit Rail Distance: 60mm, Fit Rail Dia: 15mm, Gears Nylon and ABS Dial Index Adjustment: 360 Degree, Dial Outside Diameter: 75mm (of white wheel), Gear Wt: 30 gms / 0.06lbs, Follow Focus Wt.: 286 gm / 0.63lbs, 6PC GEAR RING SET. 6pc GEAR RING SET Allows quick, easy and precise adjustments to the focus and / or zoom on your 35mm lens. Attaches quickly and without any damaging screws or glue.

GEAR DIMENSIONS: 55mm - 65mm, 65mm - 75mm, 75mm - 85mm, 85mm - 95mm, 90mm - 100mm, 100mm - 110mm, Gear Pitch - 2.51mm, Module - 0.8, 107 Gear Tooth build, Screw Diameter - 4 mm. FEATURES OF GEAR RING: Flexible design, Provide greater precision and control over focus, Allows externally focusing lenses to be geared and used with a follow focus Industry - standard 0.8 module.

PROFESSIONAL FLEXIBLE GEAR RING: Flexible Gear Ring can be used with all lens types such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, RED etc. It is compatible with all DSLR cameras, video cameras, HDV,DV, specially for HDSLR camera with movie function. Industry standard 0.8mm pitch, compatible with follow focus system of other brands. 13" Long Gear Belt works on any prime or zoom lens. Unique locking method to prevent loose rack.

CINE SPEED CRANK: Cine Speed Crank to be used with a follow focus. Our SPEED CRANK is plugged into the Cine Follow Focus standard accessory port (it can also be used with other follow focus units). The SPEED CRANK is made of alumunium black anodized and has rugged aluminium locking insert. The design of Speed Crank is elegant. Makes for smooth focus pulls without camera shake. STORAGE CASE: Foam lined, custom fit, protective storage case.

High grade aluminium construction All aluminium made except knobs, indicator, gears and marking disc. Vertically adjusment vertically height adjustment upto 40mm, Horizontlly adjusment Horizontally Adjustable slide mounting mechanism to fit any lens diameter. Long - life precision engineered gearbox with Minimal backlash Gearbox is made of high grade palstic & filled with Nylon 6.6 Straight cut bevel gears inside and cross - pinned to shafts. Positional indicator Marking Disc indicator can be set at any location. Bright white marking disc Bright white marking disc with mechanical push lock mechanism. Big drive gear Big Drive gear of dia 48mm for high distance lenses. (for example while using the follow Focus with dslr camera with battery grip). Various gear ring attachments Variuos gear ring attachment sizes (0.8 pitch) to fit all the lens diameters. Flip Technology Gearbox is flipable to other side.

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