Proaim Capsule Curve Track

Brand: Battle Tested Film gear
Product Code: SKU453
Reward Points: 200
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Price: $981.50

Built in track feet for easy leveling, Lightweight and portable, 100% guarantee, Solid construction, Our Quality Assurance Guaranty. Curve Track (21 Aluminium Rods), 9pc Spacers for Track, 40pc Blue Supports for Track.

The PROAIM curved dolly track system is a 180 - degree semi circle at an internal distance of 14.2 feet.

The track is made of aluminium and is silver anodized.

The track set comes with track feet and stoppers that makes it more stable and delivers thereby smooth videos.

The track breaks down into several sections, and is therefore easy to assemble and takes only few minutes.

STORAGE CASES: Foam lined, custom fit, protective storage cases with easy tote handles.

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