Proaim™ Dolly System With 12Ft Long Straight Track

Brand: Battle Tested Film gear
Product Code: SKU380
Reward Points: 200
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Price: $633.10

Accommodates all DV / HDV cameras Tripods and Rigs. 8" gage - 1.25" track compatibility, Easy Slide - Easy Glide construction, Complimentary Fluid Head designed with unique 3 axis movement. Dolly in a bag portability. Quality engineering / construction. Camera Dolly with Rotating wheels. 12ft Straight Track, COMPLIMENTARY 75mm Tripod Stand & Fluid Head. A Dolly is a platform with wheels which allows the camera and camera operator to move around very smoothly. This is 3 - legged Track Dolly, very strong and durable that carry the weight of Jib, Pan Tilt Head and camera very easily. The total weight capacity of this dolly is upto 330lbs. You can use it independently with your own Tripod stand. The Dolly System is excellent for making Professional and Independent videos.

The Dolly has smooth wheel bearings 360 degree rotating, The 12ft long straight track has stable balancing with rubber feet, The Dolly accomodates total weight including your Tripod stand / camera weighing upto 330lbs, Professional system for making film, commercial, documentary videos, Track comes in a travelling bag, Light in weight, Easily assembled, collapsable dolly, End Support adapters of track making it stable and alligned. Hollow pipes making it light - weight and portable.

COMPLIMENTARY FLUID HEAD: The Proaim Fluid Head has three axis of movement, as opposed to a normal video head's pan / tilt exclusivity; this is so that you can make vertical orientation pictures with your still camera. It is the only video head in the market to have a third axis of movement, permitting vertical orientation images with still cameras. It is an excellent compromise for anyone looking to use small video cameras and still cameras with a single head. The Proaim Fluid head has very Smooth Tilt axis movement.

COMPLIMENTARY 75MM TRIPOD STAND: Professional 75mm Tripod Stand made with Aluminum Legs with plastic accessories for solid support yet light in weight. 2 - Stage with quick action knobs for quick height adjustment, Adjustable floor spreader. Single action to fold up Tripod 75 mm bowl. Carry Bag: Max height: 59", Min height: 27", Load capacity: 50 lbs, Weight: 5 lbs, Leg Lock Type: Locking Knobs.

Camera mounting screw: U1 / 4, Tripod mounting screw: U1 / 4. U3 / 8, Height:105mm, Weight:620g, Load capacity:3kgs.

STORAGE CASES: Foam lined, custom fit, protective storage cases with easy tote handles.

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