Pro Quick Release Adapter Plate For Flycam5000

Brand: Battle Tested Film gear
Product Code: SKU164
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Price: $85.80

Precise, fluid movement control in an ultra-light, ultra-compact stabilizer. You can always expect the best when it's from thecinecity. Elegantly simple, brand new design. Fluid gliding shots captured with a minimum of effort. Capability without complexity. A small wonder big on comfort and balance. Engineered to absorb shocks and bumps. A money saving platform that's worth it's weight in gold. More than just a name, U-FLYCAM is a dedicated process. At half the weight and more stable than any other platform, the U- FLYCAM lets you 'fly' wherever the action takes you. Indoors, exteriors, up and down stairs, running through a crowded bazaar, car chases and more, whenever the shot calls for precise control and fluid camera movement, for many, the logical choice is our PROAIM U-Flycam. The box includes U-Flycam with quick release adapter plate. Storage Cases: FFoam lined, custom fit, protective storage cases with easy tote handles.

Just 3.5 pounds in weight fully balanced when using a compact DV camera.

Reduces fatigue allowing longer shooting times. Rigid construction permits use of longer focal lengths.

Unique dual extended weight system greatly increases inertial stability.

Quick release camera mount lets you instantly swap cameras to any tripod. Rugged construction with metal parts being black anodized aluminum.

The lower vertical portion can be folded up for easy storage and portability. Weight rods articulate through any horizontal axis. Universal camera mounting base plate. Adjustable gimbal. Weight holding rods. Camera balance aluminum weights.

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