Proaim 12Ft Carbon Fiber Boom Pole With 20Ft XLR Cable For Blimp Windshield MIC Suspension Microphone

Brand: Battle Tested Film gear
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The discipline of sound recording is truly an art that any boom operator will attest too. Bobbing and weaving around set pieces, camera dollies, lighting fixtures and live action turns science into art. Advances in microphone technology mirror those of image capture but the tried and true 'boom' with a mic dangling from one end has been around a long, long time. As has been said. 'If it aint broke, don't fix it' so what thecinecity has done is make it even better than before. PROAIM Introduces the new Carbon fiber boom pole for Processional Action recording. - this audio unit incorporates a direct XLR connection to the boom pole.This New BP12 C carbon-fiber boom poles: came with three sections.This handy accessory eliminates the hassle of messy cables or the need for extra connections.. Our this new version of Carbon fiber boom poles comes with 3/8x16 thread screws on the first end of the pole. The XLR cable. in the Boom pole has male and female connector. WHAT'S IN THE BOX: 12ft

Pro quality XLR connectors. 3x3' extensions for a maximum 12' reach.

Much lighter in weight than aluminum poles.

High-density graphics carbon fiber tubes for strength, durability and lightweight.

Accepts a wide range of professional microphones.

Padded hand grips for ultimate control and comfort.

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