Battle Tested Film Gear DSLR KIT-9 V1 Follow Focus , Matte box Mattebox Sunshade Kit

Brand: Battle Tested Film gear
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Price: $609.99

Quality and value, the Proaim tradition continues with our DSLR/M Kit 9. A fully featured kit for shooters on the move who need reliability, functionality and above all performance to satisfy demanding creative needs. When Proaim packages a kit they know that the sum of the parts have to be greater than the whole. Camera operators demand the best in their equipment and thatÂÂÂ’s why so many are using our Proaim DSLR/M Kit 9 as their platform of choice. And why not, with a Matte Box, Zoom, Follow Focus, accessories and unbeatable price, our Kit 9 is recognized as a best buy logical choice. Our Proaim DSLR Kit-9 is a perfect match for today's lightweight DSLR's and Camcorders. Beyond the accessory capability for follow focus, matte box, this package includes a camera stability platform that is the envy of so many others because it works so well. Live events like weddings, pro sports, corporate communications and even ENG applications, demand top-notch, reliable, quality equipment, because

Handheld and easy mount - Tripod capability. A stability platform for shooters on the move.

Engineered for DSLR and Camcorder image capture.

Bonus crank and gear ring adapters.

Prosumer and professional applications.

Best of all, itÂÂÂ’s a Proaim. Our Quality Assurance Guarantee.

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