CL-MF0575 Hardlight Metal Halide / HMI HMI Fresnel

Brand: Battle Tested Film gear
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The Cool Lights CL-MF0575 HMI Fresnel is the perfect, portable hard light compliment to our Softlight series. Based on Osram HMI 575w single ended bulb (or compatible products), it is driven by our "pro" 575/1200 electronic ballast--the same model used with the Cool Lights 1200w par. Operation is flicker free. Ballast is silent with a whisper fan. Lumens per watt is 86 for this solution. Light output is 49,000 lumens, thus it is the equivalent of a 2400w tungsten fresnel. Includes: 575/1200 watt electronic ballast (100 to 240v 50/60hz), 30 foot ballast to head cable with high quality, quick lock military-style 4 pin connector on one end and a 7 pin ballast connector on the other, 15 foot power cord, yoke, barndoors and baby stand adapter. Everything you need (except for bulb and light stand) to get started right away. The bulb needed is an Osram HMI 575WSE Hot Restrike Single Ended G22 bulb or equivalent. Electronic Ballast Specifications: Construction: Powder coated aluminum. Weight:

Construction: Powder coated aluminum castings and anodized aluminum extrusions. Weight: 14 lbs.

Lens: 130mm (5 1/8") diameter fresnel lens with UV protection. Bulb Type: Osram HMI 575w SE or equivalent.

Bulb Base: G22 single end type. Lumens per watt: 86 (vs. 20 LPW for tungsten). Color Temperature: 6000K. CRI: 90.

Light output: hard beam variable between wide and narrow (well defined shadows and edges) and 49,000 lumens, thus it is the equivalent of a 2.5K tungsten unit (but only draws 575w during operation).

Focusing: Focusing drive adjustable from a knob on the back of the unit.

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