CL-MF0150 Hardlight Metal Halide / HMI CDM 150 Fresnel

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The Cool Lights CL-MF0150 CDM (Ceramic Discharge Metalhalide) Fresnel is the perfect, portable, energy efficient, hard light compliment to our Softlight fluorescent series. Based on HQI/HCI 150w single ended, G12 type metal halide compatible quartz or ceramic long life bulbs (typically 6000 hours for the ceramic version and 2000 hours for the quartz type) CDM bulb. CDM is a cold start technology which requires waiting for about 5 minutes after extinguishing the fixture/bulb before relighting. This is the main difference between CDM technology and HMI. Otherwise, this has all the same characteristics of an HMI fresnel. Included ballast is whisper silent and flicker free. We often call CDM the "fluorescent of hard lights", because of its "cool light" output and same 4 to 1 power efficiency as fluorescent. Works well for all types of media production from still photography to video or film. Great when you need that small and portable key or fill light for your setup. The physical size of

Construction: Powder coated aluminum castings and anodized aluminum extrusions. Weight: 9.5 lbs.

Lens: 110mm diameter high quality borosilicate fresnel type lens.

Lumens per watt: 86 (vs. 20 LPW for tungsten fresnels).

Light output: hard (super well defined shadows and edges) and 13,000 lumens, thus it is the equivalent of a 650w tungsten fresnel (but only draws 150w).

Focusing: Focusing drive adjustable from a knob on the back of the unit.

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